Red Barn Observatory MPC-H68
Established 2006
Ty Ty, Georgia, USA
Why is astrometry needed to be
gathered on Minor Planets?  Primarily
to determine where they are going (or
have been).  Astrometry is basically a
set of measurements taken over a
period of time of a Minor Planet, then
these measurements are combined to
allow us to determine an "orbit" of the
Minor Planet.
Minor Planet Photometry is basically
defined as measuring the "lightcurve"
of the Minor Planet.  As the light is
reflected from the Minor Planet back to
us here on Earth, we can measure this
light and convert these measurements
into a graph to show us the variation of
the magnitude (or reflected light) of the
object.  This information is then used
to determine the rotational period of
the object, and can also be used to
detect binary-systems as well as
generate a 3D model of the object.
Astrometry and Photometry produced at the Red Barn Observatory
Near Earth Objects and Potentially Hazardous Asteroids are minor planets (primarily asteroids and comets) that approach, or will approach, the vicinity of Earths orbit.  
Most of these objects are large enough to cause damage to Earth - especially if the impact was within a large city.  There are virtually thousands of these objects in orbit
around the Sun and their orbit path crosses Earth's orbital path.  It's only a matter of time before one of these objects impacts Earth - giving us the reason to study these
objects and determine their orbits, where they are going, their composites, and if or WHEN they will impact Earth.  Below you will find a list of some of these objects.  
Some objects are shown on this page and links are included for photo's and more information.  Most of the observations on the following pages were submitted to the
Minor Planet Center for publication.
Minor Planets - Asteroids, Comets, Near Earth Objects, PHA's
Near Earth Objects (NEO's)
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Main Belt Asteroids (MBA)