Red Barn Observatory MPC-H68
Established 2006
Ty Ty, Georgia, USA
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This is the Web site of the Red Barn Observatory MPC-H68, which is located just south of a small town in Georgia, USA called Ty Ty.  The primary research
performed at the Red Barn Observatory specifically pertains to Minor Planets; which include Near Earth Objects (NEO's), Comets, and Potentially Hazardous
Asteroids (PHA's).  Officially established in 2006, thousands of Minor Planets have been observed and measured from the Red Barn Observatory.

The observatory construction was funded, designed, and built by Steve E. Farmer Jr. - the owner/operator.  Equipment used at the observatory include a 0.3-meter
Schmitt-Cassegrain telescope on a computerized fork mount, a SBIG ST-7 CCD Imager, and DSLR Canon 12.2 MP EOS.  Before this equipment was utilized to allow
remote operations of the observatory, visual observations were performed with a 0.25-meter Reflector.  Visual observations are still occasionally performed.

This Web site was developed to document all activities performed at this Minor Planet Research Facility  - which includes pictures, documents, publications,
observations, and other astronomical related information.  The information found within this Web site is free for public use - but please contact Steve E. Farmer Jr.
prior to using the information on this site for personal use.  Sharing information is important in the field of Minor Planet research and in astronomy in general.  Thus,
the reason for creating this Web site.

Detailed Minor Planet research performed at the observatory include: astrometry, photometry, follow-up observations of newly discovered Near Earth Objects and
Comets.   It is important that this research continues.  As we study Minor Planets, we learn more about the compositions, rotations, and hazards of these objects.  The
more we study these objects, the better we can protect ourselves in case of a potential impact.  Enjoy the site!
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