Red Barn Observatory MPC-H68
Established 2006
Ty Ty, Georgia, USA
The Georgia Fireball Network - Sandia Laboratories All Sky Camera's
As of now, the Georgia Fireball Network consists of two Sandia All Sky camera's.  Site 1 is located in Buena Vista, GA and is operated by Matthew Gauther.  Site 2 is
located in Ty Ty, GA and is operated by Steve E. Farmer Jr.  Both camera's are controlled by the WSentinel software, which detects and records any moving objects
that passes through the field of view (FOV).  The goal of the Georgia Fireball Network is to record ALL brighter meteors (known as fireballs) and document their
projections, brightness, etc.  Information pertaining to the location of the camera locations can be found below.
Deer Run Observatory - Matthew Gauthier (owner/operator)
Location:  Buena Vista, Georgia 31803
Latitude: N 32 ° 14 ' 42 ''  ( 32.245 ° )
Longitude: W 84 ° 28 ' 45 '' ( -84.479 ° )
Altitude: 188 meters
Red Barn Observatory - Steve E. Farmer Jr. (owner/operator)
Location:  Ty Ty, Georgia 31795
Latitude: N 31 ° 23 ' 16.74 "   ( 31.387° )
Longitude: W 83° 39 ' 7.149 "  ( -83.651° )
Altitude: 107 meters
The Georgia Fireball Network, was created to "watch" Georgia's skies and record as many meteor related fireballs as possible.  Any Georgia meteor watchers are
invited to join in with the program no matter what you might want to report - including fireballs, bright meteors, strange objects, unidentified flying objects, or whatever
you want to report that you observe over Georgia skies day or night.

Currently the program consists of two cameras supplied by Sandia Labs.  Steve E. Farmer Jr, Red Barn Observatory (Ty Ty, Georgia), and Matthew Gauthier, Deer
Run Observatory (Buena Vista, Georgia) each have a camera installed on their properties.  Each camera has a sky coverage of about a 600 mile diameter.  Most of
central to south Georgia is monitored by the two cameras, as well as parts of Alabama, and the northern part of Florida.  The systems were installed and activated in
July of 2007, and will continue to monitor the skies indefinitely.  The cameras are located approximately 80 miles apart from each other, and many "dual-detections"
are anticipated.  Hopefully, other meteor observers (visual, photographic, or video) will join the Georgia Fireball Network.  If you are interested in joining in with the
Georgia Fireball Network, please send a message to sefarmer[at]cometary[dot]net.
The meteor video list will be uploaded soon - Website Under Construction as of Feb/2012
View through daylight and clouds.