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Georgia Fireball and Meteor Network


Red Barn Observatory
  Camera (Station 2)

Deer Run Observatory

Camera (Station 1)   


The Georgia Fireball Network, was created to "watch the skies" over Georgia.  Any Georgia meteor watchers are invited to join in with the program.  Currently the program consists of two cameras supplied by Sandia Labs.  Steve E. Farmer Jr, Red Barn Observatory (Ty Ty, Georgia), and Matthew Gauthier, Deer Run Observatory (Buena Vista, Georgia) each have a camera installed on their properties.  Each camera has a sky coverage of about a 600 mile diameter.  Most of Georgia is watched by the cameras, as well as part of Alabama, and the northern part of Florida.  The systems were installed and watching the skies in July of 2007, and will continue to monitor the skies indefinitely.  The cameras are located approximately 80 miles apart from each other, and many "dual-detections" are anticipated.  Hopefully, other meteor observers (visual, photographic, or video) will join the Georgia Fireball Network.  If you are interested in joining in with the Georgia Fireball Network, please send a message to INFO at the bottom of this page.



Fireball Camera Specifications (identical equipment at both locations)

Fireballs and Meteors Detected

Meteor Observations


User Stats



Perseids 2007

Orionids 2007

Quadrantids 2008

Orionids 2008



Strange Flashes

Dual Meteor Detections


Monitoring System Locations

Station 1

Deer Run Observatory - Matthew Gauthier (owner/operator)

Location:  Buena Vista, Georgia 31803

Latitude: N 32 14 ' 42 ''  ( 32.245 )

Longitude: W 84 28 ' 45 '' ( -84.479 )

Altitude: 188 meters




Station 2

Red Barn Observatory - Steve E. Farmer Jr. (owner/operator)

Location:  Ty Ty, Georgia 31795

Latitude: N 31 23 ' 16.74 "   ( 31.387 ) 

Longitude: W 83 39 ' 7.149 "  ( -83.651 )

Altitude: 107 meters

Detailed Info


Distance between cameras ~ 80 miles / 129 kilometers





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